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Build O-FISH from Code

Welcome! Building your own instance of the O-FISH application will help you learn about MongoDB features while giving back to a great cause.

  1. MongoDB Atlas Account (free at
  2. MongoDB Database tools for mongorestore to import the sample dataset
  3. npm version 6 for building the web application locally
  4. Developers are expected to follow the MongoDB Community Code of Conduct guidelines.

  5. An AWS environment to use for storing photos (S3) and for the cryptographically secure change history (SES). If you do not have those, the app will still run.
  6. access to an Xcode installation and Cocoapods to build the iOS app
  7. AndroidStudio for building the android app
Throughout this guide, you will be keeping track of a lot of information. So the first step is to copy and paste the template below into a scratch pad, to keep track of it all.


Project Name:
Atlas Cluster Name:
Atlas Cluster Admin username:
Atlas Cluster Admin password:
Path to sample data:
Path to Realm code:
Atlas Cluster connection string:
Realm App name:
Realm App ID:
API Public Key:
API Private Key:
App Admin username:
App Admin password:
Realm User ID:

Now that you have the template in a scratchpad to take notes, let's build!