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O-FISH Documentation

O-FISH is the Officer Fisheries Information Sharing Hub. It was developed to enable gathering thorough information and sharing it quickly and easily. There are mobile apps for iOS and Android, and a web application.

The mobile apps are designed for officers boarding vessels to get the information they need. The web application is designed for administrators back in the office to look at all the boarding information.

How to use the iOS app
How to use the Android app
How to use the website

For developers:
O-FISH is an open source project - anyone can build an instance of the WildAid Marine Program's O-FISH app. Developers can look at the O-FISH repositories, join the community on the MongoDB Developer Hub, and contribute, making O-FISH better!

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The O-FISH developer community on the MongoDB Developer Hub
Building O-FISH
O-FISH repositories
How to contribute to O-FISH