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Using the O-FISH Sandbox

Building the foundation behind the O-FISH mobile and web applications against can take a long time. The O-FISH sandbox is an already-built foundation where developers can easily get a login to try the mobile and web applications, and build code against an existing environment to test code contributions.

To get your own login to the sandbox, go to

You will see this page: add new developer agency

All the fields are required. Make sure to note down the email and password you used, as this will be how you login to the mobile and web applications.

Email and Agency name must be unique across the entire sandbox - we suggest using your github username as an agency name as that will be unique.

Website is required but can be any text, even a twitter handle! It does not need to be unique.

Once you click "Create User", an agency will be created with one user, who has the role of Agency Administrator. You will be automatically logged into the web application. You can create another user, for example a Field Officer, from the web interface.

When building your code against the sandbox environment, use the realm-app-id:

Once the app is built, you can login to the app using your email and password. You can also use the login on the Sandbox Web Site. If you have any questions, check out the MongoDB Community Forum posts with the O-FISH tag or create a new post.